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Aiken 2020/21 is officially off and running!

Last week, of course, was all about moving. I headed down on Wednesday with my trusted sidekicks Carolyn Charnley and Ally Krohg—they kept me entertained!

The horses from the north arrived on Sunday and Holly Hill Transport, as always delivered them happy and healthy!! They all had their first day of riding yesterday, and everybody kept all four feet in the ground, so that made us happy!

The farm we have landed in this winter is just amazing. We have been taken care of by the owner and his support team like we are staying at the Ritz. The facility really has everything you can imagine and as we progress through the winter I know we will take advantage of every inch of the property and the community it sits in. We have some great help to kick off this season—Ally, Carolyn, Kara Fortier, and Rachel Cunningham have hit the ground running and I’m so grateful to have them on board!

Excited for what this season will bring!

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