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December is shaping up to be a month of big and exciting change for the B Eventing team as we look towards 2021 and beyond!

We're kicking off the month with a bittersweet announcement — although I will maintain a home base on the North Shore of MA upon my return from Aiken this spring, I will no longer be doing so in partnership with the Bartolotti family at Gathering Farm.

It has been an honor and a privilege to be the trainer in residence at a place so rich in the history of our sport. My partnership with Leslie Bartolotti and the entire Bartolotti family over the past decade has been incredibly rewarding as we worked together to develop Gathering's world-class boarding and training program. Our special barn "family" has been second to none, and I am grateful to Leslie and her family for their support as I've built B Eventing into what it is today.

The first step of this big change came yesterday as we moved our winter boarders to Ledyard Farm. A special thank you to Ferial Johnson and her staff for welcoming our clients and their horses with open arms for the next few months — I know that they are in exceptional hands and will continue to learn and grow over the winter!

While change can be hard, change also helps us grow. I am excited for what will come from these changes and grateful for the people who have made the past 12 years so rewarding. Thank you isn’t enough!

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