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Coursebrook Schooling!

What a super day we had at Coursebrook on Sunday! Some polished up on the work they had put in this winter, and others got to proper knock-the-start-of-season-dust-off!

Ally, Marissa, and Liz finished well, with great places all. Our Aiken working student Kara completed her first true three phase, ending in the ribbons with Carolyn’s Sprocket! Amalia and Kelly showed they were ready to continue to push thru the season!

A huge HUGE thank you to Coursebrook and all the great people there! It was just so great to be competing again in Area 1 with all our peeps!

Next up, GMHA and then onto Valinor Farm! Don’t forget to get your entries into Valinor. Eventing in Area 1 is truly a family affair—we are so lucky to be out competing again and we HAVE to support our Area 1 events who have survived last year and are here for us better than ever!

See you in VT!

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