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Essex Horse Trials

We found ourselves in Far Hills, NJ this weekend at the awesome Essex Horse Trials. This was our first time there and I can’t say enough great things about it—it is a must attend for Area 1ers! An easy drive and top notch event and courses, what’s not to like! We had Ally Khrog riding both of her horses, Marissa Cennami on her Lefty, and I was happy to help Ferial Johnson’s student Paige—all in the training.

Ally has been working with great dedication to put the rides together on both her horses and that work paid off this weekend with excellent finishes on both. Marissa continues to work out the ride-ability of her great guy and while the pieces didn’t come together in all the phases this weekend she continues to push to figure it out. Paige and her pony were very fun to help and I look forward to seeing them out there more continuing to hone their skills in this very tough sport we play in!

A small truck issue made the drive home back to MA a little longer than we planned for! Thank god for the team that behind us with rescue driver Jennifer Marie and Chrissy Gilbertson’s rescue truck. We nestled into a cute side road in White Plains, NY to await our rescue crew—we met some very wonderful strangers and gave the neighborhood some good Sunday entertainment!

This has been a tough week in our sport with the loss of Annie Goodwin. Annie worked her whole life to not only accomplish her goals, but help others reach their goals too. Eventers are a close knit group of people who work day in and day out to be better. When we loose one of our own too soon it reminds us that life should never be looked upon as anything less than a gift. We need to make every moment, every friend, every stranger mean something. God Speed Annie. You will be missed by us

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