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Kicking off the 2021 Season

At Stable View last week we managed to hit all the marks of a life with horses!!

Sadly Coco came out feeling not himself Saturday morning so he gets to start the season in February, and we all know starting up in February is better anyway!

We had a great Novice contingent with Kristen Krohg’s George, Ally Krohg’s Rocky, and Carolyn Charnley’s Sprocket. Each were fantastic in the start of their season, and Rocky even got us our first blue of 2021!

The week and weekend would not have been possible without the awesome help I had! We imported Madison Blodgett and Emily Shankar from Audry and Sandy Porter-Bean for the week and they worked their butts off! Marissa Cennami rounded out the marvelous trio and I have no doubt their presence aided greatly to our fantastic weekend!

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