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March Madness in Aiken

March is Madness in Aiken. But a good kind of madness! We are pushing along and very happy to see the sun shining!

We started the month at Sporting Days Farm where Marissa Cennami had a huge success in the Novice after a tough week for her and her family. Coco finally made his winter debut and clicked around the Prelim with not a worry at all. It’s great to get going with him! We rounded out the weekend with a few pair move ups with three training rides—most notably Kristen Krohg’s Curious George who just continues to impress with his efforts every day.

I brought in the Big Guns for the weekend—Olivia Quill joined us and I’ve somehow managed to convince her to stay for a couple weeks! So very glad to have her here. Sallie and Libby Pottle also joined us last week—this was their first trip to Aiken and we were happy to show them all the fun things—hopefully they will join us more often!

We practice today at Bruce's Field as we get ready for a busy weekend Pine Top Eventing. Ally Krohg will be here to ride Curious George and Marissa will finish her time here in Aiken with one more run on her guy. I will have Coco in the Intermediate and then two more training rides!

Stay tuned for more updates! Bring on Spring!

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