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Lessons and Clinics

Babette’s own continuing education is an important part of her philosophy, and she continually seeks out opportunities to develop her skills as a rider, trainer, and coach. Clients can expect an environment based on camaraderie and supporting one another, driven by team spirit, learning, improving, and having fun.


Babette offers training and ship-in lesson programs at Dara Knot in South Carolina and Hi Rok Farm in Massachusetts and aship-in lesson program at Rest and Be Thankful Farm in Maine. She is available to travel to local farms throughout Areas I, II, and III. 


Babette is an ICP Level 2 Certified Eventing Instructor available for training in all aspects of the sport and in helping riders develop a well rounded, goal-focused training program.


She also understands that quality riding and instruction covers all disciplines, and values helping those in other disciplines improve their riding and training tools. 


Babette travels to the majority of events throughout Areas I, II, and III - including USEA rated events, unrated events, show jumping and dressage shows — as both a coach and competitor.

Clients that compete with Babette are guaranteed a support system that helps them be successful by helping them find their best mental game to be successful in the moment.


Win or lose, the overall goal is to come out of competition with the knowledge of what a client and their horse needs to work together on to continually improve. 

Babette is available for a variety of services at competitions, including:


  • Coaching and warm-ups at events

  • Course walks

  • Competing horses (on a per-event basis or period of time)

  • Catch riding


Babette is available for training on a per-ride or on a full-service basis. Babette has extensive experience with green and difficult horses and can help with a multitude of training issues. She loves working with, and welcomes all types of horses and training goals.

Babette leads with a “horse first” approach to training, recognizing that the well-being and care of the horse is essential for success in any discipline. She assists riders with fitness and conditioning plans, as well as care and management advice for their mounts.




Clients can expect a program based on the understanding of the horses’ needs. Babette focuses on educating the rider on how best to communicate with the horse, working with horses and riders together productively to strengthen their partnership. 


Whether you are in a short-term or long-term training program, Babette is happy to create a training plan that meets both your goals and your budget. The end result should always be the owner gaining an understanding of what the horse needs to be successful. 

Rate Sheet

Contact us to learn more about Babette's training program. All programs are tailored to the needs of the clients and their horses, with the ultimate goal of establishing a healthy and successful partnership. 

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