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Our weekend in the mountains of Vermont was nothing short of amazing. The weather shined on us and the good fortunes of horse showing stayed in our favor!

I had the privilege of competing my amazing 5 year old Quality Collusion as well as Ally Krohg’s Ardeo Rock N Roll in the training—they were both super stars and finished 4th and 2nd. Ally was on Kristin Krohg's Curious George and finished so strongly in the novice for a 4th placed finish. They also had the save of the weekend when George had an unfortunate spook at some papers flying into the ring. We have renamed her Monkey Legs! Kelly Arsenian was on fire in the BN, competing strongly throughout and ending with a second place finish.

Maine clients Muffy Flynn had a super 7th place finish in the Novice Champs and first time Green Mountain Horse Association competitor Kara Fortier also finished a strong 7th in the BN. Was great to see so much good riding and success for all of these guys. I was also honored to help Audrey Bean’s student Madison Blodgett in the training. She does an incredible job on a tough little guy, and finished strongly—it was fun to have her and her family as part of the gang for the weekend.

It was an emotional weekend for all of us. We had not been to the Green Mountains since losing Jeffie, and we felt all the feels of that day. But, we also felt her there with us, along with the support of our large horse family around us. The #useaarea1 community is an amazing one. We are tight. We are fierce. We are always there for one another. This sometimes seems a rare thing in this day and age, and something I cherish now more than ever.

Thank you to my amazing group of clients and friends for a fantastic weekend. Valinor here we come!!

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