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Chatt Hills

Our last Area 3 event of the winter carried all the competition emotions—but that comes with any good weekend of competing! Bringing four horses— Kristen Krohg'sGeorge, Ally Krohg’s Rocky, Coco and Picco—to Chattahoochee Hills Eventing made for an action-packed few days!

Sadly the real disappointment of the weekend was Coco. We just could not find our groove and our weekend ended in the show jumping. Sometimes things just don’t work and we move on to the next day. He’s the best horse and I enjoy him every day no matter what.

Our training horses made the most of the weekend with some great successes! George and Rocky were spot on the dressage and show jumping even with unfortunate rails for Rocky as he continues to find his foot work. Cross country was a tough, tough course for the training horses with steady and great flow. Our greenies did their best, with just a few unfortunate mistakes!

The star of the weekend was the 5 year old. Picco just continues to impress. He tried so hard all weekend and ended his first Chatt Hills in 3rd.

A HUGE shout out to Madison Blodgett who came down for the weekend to help me navigate the 4 horses at Chatt. And also to Hillori Connors and Lucy Gross who kept everyone at home very happy while we were away.

We are in our final week in Aiken!! Hard to believe it!!

First photo credit: Liz Crawley Photography

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