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Moving Day Part Two!

And just like that we are back home in MA!

Driving up to our new space at Essex Equestrian Center at Hi Rok Farm at 1:00 am to see this incredible banner hanging in our barn aisle just does all the happy things. I have the most amazing people in my life and cannot wait to get going on our new adventure in this space!!!

A HUGE MASSIVE shout out needs to go to my right hand and barn manager Jen Choiciej. She was shouldered with the task of getting our barn ready for all the peeps to arrive and not only did she do a top notch job, she did it with excitement and enthusiasm!

I could not have made the drive north without Hillori She got us packed up quickly and was the best co-pilot and relief driver one could ask for. She’s a road warrior now—watch out!

This winter in Aiken was one of our best ever, hands down. I can’t thank the Garrett family enough for their hospitality. Holly Berry Farm gave us everything and more we needed to be successful. Dr Ashley Taylor and Sports Medicine Associates of Chester County (SMACC) were there for us for everything we needed. Logan Thomas put in a lot of driving hours so we could keep the horses’ feet happy throughout the winter. Holly Hill Transport, as always, got us to and from Aiken with happy horses. Bourke Eventing kept me focused and on task throughout the season. Sharing space with Four Schools Farm, LLC reminded me to keep pushing the boundaries of my training programs. Lots of trot sets with Michelle Koppin lead to lots of laughing. And countless other amazing people helped make every single piece successful and motivating.

Feeling so happy and so grateful. All the things. We truly are ready to tackle the next phase!

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